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Vic Neil


If you're expecting a bio that's filled with extreme name-dropping and exaggerated stories of fame, you won't find it here.


However, over the years, Seattle native, Victor Dailey (Vic Neil), is no stranger to sharing the stage with legendary greats.


Grateful to artists; Joe Ely, Robyn Hitchcock, Alejandro Escovedo and Hugh Cornwell for their wisdom.

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What goes up must come down 

political sense you don't fool around...

Taken a Break

I don't want to spoil no party - I just want to tag along. I don't care what gets started long as I get home - I don't want to be no trouble.

I brought some for everyone I hope that you don't mine. I suppose I'll get blamed it happens all the time - I don't want to be no trouble...

Cause I sleep all day and I'm out all night - I'm just here for the party. Sleep all day and I'm out all night - I'm just here for the party...

Hanging with my fiends I am - taken a break I am - One busy man I am - Taken a break, AMEN


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