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On the road to another town - put the tents up and take them down - my job is to walk the rope in this big top show.

We've got fun for everyone - the human cannonball and his toothless sons - they juggle midgets while on horseback then shoot dad out into a safety net. I know what I've been told - the bearded lady, she's got 6 toes -  it's time for me to walk the rope in this 3 ring circus.

Space Needle
Jon Kruspe
Head in Sand
Gibson Ready to Jam
Hot Rod Girl 3
Screwed Up Town Thumb
Live Vik Color
Gonna Glide Thumb
Acres of Suede on Tour
Vic Hands

All those clowns they still scare me and why are all the girls talking funny - the lion tamer and the elephants are dancing in circles and wearing funny outfits. I ran away when I was 13 and now I'm one of those circus freaks - It's just something I dreamed about when I was young and now I'm in the greatest show on earth. So, on the road to another town, climb the ladder, maybe I'll fall down - but I've got my part to play in this big top show tonight. I know what I've been told, the bearded lady she's got 6 toes - It's time for me to walk the rope and be in this 3 ring circus.

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